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The second day of Paris Blockchain Week 2023

Apr 14, 2023

Paris Blockchain Week (PBW) is a leading conference on blockchain and crypto that hosts over 10,000 attendees and sold out last year. The summit took place on March 23rd after two days of hackathons, talent fairs, and investor demos.

Paris Blockchain Week Summit 2023: Day 2

The opening discussion was moderated by chief executive Jeremy Allaire, who spoke about the future of currency. He expressed disappointment with how digital assets are regulated in the United States.

The following topic, presented by Michael Amar, head of Paris Blockchain Week, was about the influence of Web3 on startups and investors.

During the discussion, experts classified crypto tokens and discussed Web3’s financial handling. Apiarius shared how investors need to filter out bad actors in the Web3 industry.

Another important Web3 discussion related to policies and the ethical considerations that should come before technology begins, even though it seems to be the other way around today.

The first speakers on the crypto industry addressed the balance and conflicts between traditional finance and DeFi, which is an extremely important issue after the lack of emphasis on crypto in general in 2022.

Next, the keynote speakers talked about smart contracts, a major development instrument in the decentralized and blockchain environment, and how implementing blockchain and gaming tokens in mainstream sports would make the experience more immersive for fans.

Several other summit talks provided insights on the legitimacy and regulatory aspects of yield farming nowadays, as well as the involvement of corporations such as Amazon in the Web3 ecosystem.

Paris Blockchain Week Summit 2023: Day 1

The first day was fully dedicated to the speakers who talked about the future of the crypto industry, Metaverse regulation, the future of Bitcoin as a protection asset from bad governance and banking, and how blockchain technology is used in humanitarian aid.

Several opinions on Web3 solutions for the financial crisis were heard, as well as some predictions on how this technology could develop in 2023.

All speakers came to the conclusion that regulations should be a top priority to resolve all the previously mentioned issues.

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