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A Bonteheuwel Woman Sentenced to 25 years for Selling Naked Images of her Four-Year-Old Daughter on the Dark Web 

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ByHarper Stewart

Jun 28, 2023
Dark Web Sentence: 25 Years
Harper Stewart
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The arrest happened in July 2021, causing astonishment and fury among the community. The National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) announced that the judicial procedure concluded in November of that year with a plea and sentence agreement.

The inquiry that led to her detention began when the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) discovered her dark web internet activity. A US Homeland Security agent quickly adopted the role of a customer and effectively tracked the woman’s location using geo-tagging technology. This resulted in her arrest and subsequent detention.

Bonteheuwel ward councilor Angus McKenzie has meticulously tracked the case’s development, ensuring that justice was delivered. The completion of the protracted trial gave relief to the community, as they can now focus on supporting the children and assisting in their rehabilitation process.

McKenzie stressed the significance of this sentencing, believing that it will serve as a stark warning to other perpetrators and give a clear message that child abusers will face serious penalties with no tolerance offered. The aim is that this judgment would dissuade others from doing similar horrible actions and will safeguard innocent children from future victimization.

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