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Grandpa Sentenced for Participation in a Heroin Trafficking and a £1M Amphetamine Production Facility

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ByHarper Stewart

Jul 6, 2023
Grandpa Sentenced for Heroin Trafficking
Harper Stewart
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Indulging in a family vacation to Las Vegas while claiming benefits, Feerick and his accomplice Edna Fairclough were discovered to be in possession of opulent goods such designer purses, jewelry, and an expensive diamond ring. 

Police searched their residence and found a total of £126,005 in cash stashed there. Investigations showed that the money was connected to another person, Ian Shephard, despite Fairclough’s original assertion that it was brought by a man who resembled Shrek. 

The Investigation

Feerick also orchestrated a transaction in which Robert Sefton delivered £224,810 in cash to William Roscoe. A man, who had previously served time for money laundering, was sentenced to prison for his participation in a heroin trafficking organization. The operation’s brainchild, Terence Earle, recruited Feerick and others to engage in criminal activity. 

The group operated a covert laboratory in Scotland and smuggled narcotics from Europe. When Feerick met with another gang member, a clandestine surveillance operation was launched to catch him. 2.9 kg of heroin worth £300,000 and £20,000 in Scottish bank notes were discovered after his arrest while operating a vehicle. At his residence, more cash was also found by the police. 

Stephen Singleton, a different conspirator, supplied raw materials for the manufacture of amphetamines through his ostensibly legal chemicals firm. Feerick was sentenced to eight and a half years in jail after confessing to conspiring to supply heroin and engaging in organized crime

Singleton was given a sentence of 41 months to be served concurrently with his previous nine years and two months in prison after entering a guilty plea to conspiracy to make amphetamine.

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