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Cyber Attack on NASA and DoD Contractor Mainstream Engineering Compromises 735 GB of Data

May 15, 2023
Cyber Attack on NASA and DoD Contractor Mainstream Engineering Compromises 735 GB of Data

The purported cyberattack on Mainstream Engineering is believed to have affected critical government departments and international entities.

The US Department of Defense and NASA contractor Mainstream Engineering has been added to the list of victims by the Royal ransomware organization. Mainstream Engineering, a US-based manufacturer of end-user products for the military, conducts studies.

A major cybersecurity attack targets NASA and DoD contractor

Mainstream Engineering is a well-known R&D company that specializes in delivering cutting-edge thermal management and energy conversion innovations that are both high-end and cost-effective. With their externally-funded R&D programs, Mainstream Engineering offers their services to a wide range of organizations, including the Department of Defense, NASA, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the U.S. Department of Energy, and the U.S. Department of Transportation, among others.

The Royal malware group claimed responsibility for the reported attack on the NASA and DoD contractor, stating that it has jeopardized nearly 735 GB of the company’s sensitive corporate data. The leaked files, according to the group’s breach site post, include customer and employee personal information, project details, illustrations, and internal documents.

As of March 9th, 2023, the company had 128 employees and reported sales of $267 million, as stated on the leaked site post. Despite the Cyber Express’ request for comment from Mainstream Engineering, there has been no response yet. The website referenced on the Royal ransomware post was accessible.

After the NASA and DoD contractor assault, what happens?

One of the numerous incidents affecting international companies involves NASA and Department of Defense contractors being assaulted by the Royal ransomware group.

In recent years, various Russian and other cybercriminal organizations have intentionally attacked government departments, defense agencies, and other groups.

In 2022, cyberattacks on institutions of government increased by up to 95%. The United States of America, Indonesia, and China were among the countries that were most frequently targeted and were the targets of about 40% of cyberattacks.

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