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Lab 1 Decoding Dark Web Data to Uncover Supply Chain Breaches

Apr 17, 2023

Lab 1 has developed a platform to monitor stolen records traded on the Dark Web and assess their risk, providing tools to prevent attacks, manage damage, and assess the quantification of risks

Lab 1 has developed an innovative cyber monitoring platform that assesses the risk of stolen records, especially those traded on the Dark Web, to enhance cybersecurity resilience. The IMF reports that, after drugs and pharmaceuticals, data marketplaces are the second most popular Dark Web activity.

Dark Web Risk Mitigation Platform

Lab 1 recognizes that the sale of stolen credentials, travel and location data, intellectual property, and others on the Dark Web poses a significant cybersecurity threat. Evaluating these stolen records is crucial for improving long-term cybersecurity resilience.

Lab 1’s proprietary graph database, CiGraph, currently tracks 24 billion data entities and is continuously updated with new data This enables the platform to identify and monitor data breaches across an entire supply chain by tracking data on some web resources, including Dark Web marketplaces.

Third-party information theft is a common cause of data breaches, with 53% of organizations affected, according to the Ponemon Institute. Lab 1 helps organizations track the companies they work with and receive alerts if any of them are breached, which poses a risk. Blast Radius, a near-real-time alerting service, enables security teams to investigate the details of the breach.

Cybersecurity Resilience Tools

Lab 1’s Fallout service analyzes the network effect and the impact on the companies you follow, including their own. Lab 1 offers an array of valuable features aimed at enhancing businesses’ resilience against cyber attacks. One such feature is the breach history, which provides a comprehensive overview of past breaches and their associated risks.

By evaluating stolen records, Lab 1 helps businesses identify risk exposure and improve their cybersecurity resilience against the ripple effect of breaches.

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