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US Provider of Network Infrastructure CommScope Was Attacked by the Vice Society Ransomware

May 7, 2023
US network infrastructure provider CommScope fell victim to ransomware attack by Vice Society

An investigation is currently underway after the personal data of 30,000 employees of the company was compromised and is now at risk due to the ransomware attack by Vice Society.

CommScope, a US-based network infrastructure provider, has confirmed that it happened to be a target of a cyber attack at the end of March. The company is investigating a possible leak of stolen data that could be circulating on the dark web.

Was there any Damage Made?

The attack compromised office computers, and law enforcement was notified immediately. CommScope is working with experts to verify any claims of data being posted on the dark web and conducting a review of affected data.

“The group that carried out the attack claims to have posted data from our network on a darknet forum. We are working with outside experts to verify these claims and determine the nature of the leaked information. We are conducting a thorough review of any affected data as quickly as possible,” a CommScope spokesperson said.

CommScope has stated that, as of now, there is no indication that client data has been compromised. The company is conducting further investigations into the ransomware attack and any potential data breaches. In the event that any private customer information is found to be affected, the company will fulfill its obligations and notify them accordingly.

The Hackers Statement

The Vice Society ransomware group took responsibility for the attack on April 15 and released a significant amount of stolen data. The information reportedly included sensitive details on more than 30,000 CommScope employees, including passport information.

Cyber Security Concerns and Measures

While customer data seems to be safe, the exposure of personal data of CommScope’s employees is still worrying, with the ransomware group Vice Society claiming that the leaked information also contains invoices, bank documents, and other company files.

CommScope has not released any details about the compromised data or any measures that will be taken to support affected employees. The hacker gang that earlier targeted educational institutions, has extended its attacks to include other entities across different countries, including a water and sewer management company in Puerto Rico.

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