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Cybercriminals are Targeting Retail, IT and Finance: New Trends in Data Breaches

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ByEsme Greene

Jul 5, 2023
Retail, IT, and Finance Targeted in Data Breaches
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Based on the statistics and research published by Kaspersky Lab analysts, the first half of 2023 saw data leaks from Russian firms. Their information shows a 33% rise in important database publications over the same period in 2022. A total of 197 million strings of user data, including 23 million passwords and 81 million phone numbers, were found on specialist forums.

What Can Kaspersky Lab Surprise You with? Retail, IT & Finance are the Main Targets

The sectors most commonly subject to leaks include retail, IT, and finance. The distribution in early 2022, when restaurants and online services were most impacted, is different from the distribution now. Additionally, although they prioritized medium and small enterprises last year, hackers were more likely to target huge corporations this year.

Within a month after gaining details from an organization, assailants in 2023’s first five months publicized over 50% of data breach notifications. They were publishing on Telegram more frequently than other shadow forums, showing that they wanted to distribute the information rapidly and make money off of it.

The company’s researchers pointed out that attackers frequently either sell or make user information available for free on particular platforms that they have access to due to exposed user information. Names, email addresses, phone numbers, and passwords are frequently found in this type of data.

Kaspersky Lab highlighted that the issue of data breaches is not just restricted to the volume of information that attackers release online. Even a tiny bit of knowledge may be sufficient to identify individuals, employ social engineering to access confidential data and accounts, and execute more convincing fraudulent activities.

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