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How Can Phishing be Used to Make Governmental Services a “Profitable Business”?

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ByEsme Greene

Aug 16, 2023
Can Phishing Profit from Governmental Services?
Esme Greene
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The con artist who stole the personal information of 130 Russians from the State Services was apprehended by police in Ufa. He applied for microloans utilizing the information he had been given.

Law enforcement authorities said that the individual established a number of phishing websites that superficially resembled the official websites of the State Services and other governmental organizations.

What’s the Catch?

Scammers stole passwords, email addresses, and phone numbers from victims’ accounts as they entered their login information. They later used this information to access legitimate State Services.

The individual requested microcredits at various institutions; modest loans do not require a person to be present in person. Using anonymous electronic wallets, he withdrew cash.

According to Irina Volk, a representative of the Russian Interior Ministry, “after the credit limit was used up, he destroyed the accounts along with all information about their use.”

The fraudster has now been sent to St. Petersburg after a criminal prosecution was started under the article “Illegal access to computer information.” The inmate was placed under restrictions and is currently in St. Petersburg. We are conducting operational searches to find all instances of illicit activity, Volk underlined.

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