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Amazon Prohibits Sale of Flipper Zero Hacker Multitools

May 1, 2023
Amazon Prohibits Sale of Flipper Zero Hacker Multitools

Amazon has banned the sale of Flipper Zero devices due to their alleged use in stealing bank card information. Flipper Zero is a popular programmable multitool for testing various devices and has been moved to the “restricted access” device category.

Amazon, one of the largest online marketplaces in the world, has recently made a decision to ban the sale of Flipper Zero devices on its platform. This action was taken following allegations that the gadget was being used to steal bank card information. Amazon informed vendors of the decision and has disabled all product links, while also reclassifying the device as a “restricted access” item.

Conflict of Interest

According to a notice from an Amazon Flipper Zero seller, the product has been identified as a card-skimming device. Card skimming is a process by which criminals obtain bank card data to facilitate unauthorized access to linked accounts and funds. Amazon’s policy forbids the sale or addition of such devices to its product offerings, and it seems that Flipper Zero has unfortunately fallen into this category due to its potential for misuse.

Flipper Zero is a small, programmable multitool that has become popular among tech enthusiasts and is often referred to as a “hacker’s multitool.” It offers a range of features, including a 433/868 MHz radio module for the Internet of Things communication, an IR port for household appliances, a radio signal analyzer for working with unknown protocols, a USB Type-C interface for emulating peripherals, Bluetooth and RFID modules, and other interfaces. The device was developed by Pavel Zhovner, the leader of the Neuron Hackspace community for tech enthusiasts.

Flipper Zero Gadget Capabilities

Flipper Zero has also been dubbed a “Tamagotchi for hackers” due to its built-in virtual dolphin that requires “feeding” with external radio signals. The gadget has reportedly been used for a variety of purposes, such as hacking garage doors, deactivating car alarms, triggering smart doorbells, and cloning digital keys. While these activities may seem harmless, it is evident that the device’s potential for misuse has led to Amazon’s decision to ban its sale on its platform.

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