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Arkansas Approves Legislation Safeguarding Bitcoin Mining

Apr 14, 2023
Marcel Bich

Discover how Arkansas in the United States embraces cryptocurrency mining with the Bitcoin Mining Protection Bill, aimed at regulating the industry, promoting job creation, and ensuring equal rights for miners and data centers.

The Arkansas House of Representatives and Senate have taken a significant step towards regulating the cryptocurrency mining industry by passing a bill that will grant miners and data centers equal rights. This bill, known as the Bitcoin Mining Protection Bill, is now awaiting approval from the governor and will establish regulations under the Arkansas Data Centers Act of 2023. The aim of the bill is to provide clear guidelines that will protect miners from discriminatory regulations and tax practices that may exist in other parts of the country.

Boosting Local Economies and Job Creation

On March 30, Senator Joshua Bryant introduced a bill that received swift approval. The legislation, as reported by CoinTelegraph, is aimed at promoting job creation, generating tax revenue, and increasing the overall economic value of local communities through the use of data centers. The bill requires digital asset miners to pay applicable taxes and government fees using acceptable forms of currency.

To prevent strain on public utilities and the electrical grid, miners must operate within specific parameters. Furthermore, the legislation stipulates that digital asset mining businesses should not be subject to different requirements than data centers, ensuring equal treatment under the law, as mentioned in the CoinTelegraph report.

Arkansas Follows Montana’s Lead

Arkansas is one of many states to protect cryptocurrency miners. In March, Montana passed similar legislation, shielding miners from taxes on digital assets utilized for payment-related activities and eliminating energy rate discrimination between residential crypto buyers and digital asset business operations.

In contrast, Texas approved a bill on April 4 that removed incentives for miners operating within the state. With the Arkansas Bitcoin Mining Protection Bill, the US continues to see varied approaches to regulating cryptocurrency mining across different states.