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Thieves Posing as ChatGPT Steal Cryptocurrency

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ByMarcel Bich

Jun 28, 2023
ChatGPT Impersonators Steal Crypto
Marcel Bich
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Meta, which the Russian government has designated as radical and has outlawed there, is raising the alarm about the rapid rise in activity of crypto scams posing as ChatGPT. Regarding it, the Engadget magazine makes reference to the press service of the business.

The Rise of Ransomware Attacks

Ten kinds of ransomware have been found by the professionals at the company since March 2023 to hijack accounts while posing as ChatGPT. By the end of May, Meta’s platform had banned more than 1,000 harmful links. 

The business claims that browser extensions or mobile applications posing as ChatGPT products are frequently used in frauds. Additionally, certain infections do include ChatGPT functionality to deceive the target. 

Meta announced that it will roll out a new type of business account dubbed “Meta Work” in an effort to combat fraud. You can use these accounts in place of a personal social network account to access the Business Manager website tools. 

Additionally, Meta is creating a tool to assist companies in finding and removing malware. It’s unclear if antivirus is being discussed. Keep in mind that in February, hackers disseminated malware masquerading as ChatGPT. The article at the time claimed that hackers disseminate malware by posing as a ChatGPT chatbot for Windows and Android. 

The hackers even constructed bogus sites on social networks and amassed thousands of members in an effort to win over people’ confidence. The Google Play store has also seen the appearance of certain malicious apps with the names ChatGPT, Chatteo, AI Chat, GPT.

Why is ChatGPT So Popular?

The OpenAI chatbot ChatGPT uses artificial intelligence and creates answers that are human-like and, unlike the majority of other chatbots, it comprehends the context and meaning of messages.

The technology is still developing, though, and remains in its early phases. Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI and a co-founder, said in a statement that depending on the bot for anything significant would be a mistake because of its severe limitations.

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