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Unveiling the Pink Drainer Hackers: Cryptocurrency Theft Disguised as Journalism

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ByMarcel Bich

Jul 4, 2023
Pink Drainer Hackers: Crypto Theft in Journalism
Marcel Bich
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The cybercriminal organization known as “Pink Drainer” is aggressively conducting phishing attempts to breach Twitter and Discord accounts* and steal bitcoin by having gang members pretend as journalists.

ScamSniffer experts claim that “Pink Drainer” attackers have successfully gained access to the accounts of about 2,000 victims and have stolen roughly $3 million in digital assets from Mainnet and Arbitrum. A victim’s NFT tokens were apparently worth $327,000 to the hackers, who also reportedly managed to steal other cryptocurrency.

There are several high-ranking personnel from various financial businesses that the hackers appear to have targeted recently.

Pink Drainer: Unmasking the Cryptocurrency Theft Scam Disguised as Journalism

By pretending to be journalists from well-known media organizations like Cointelegraph and Decrypt for a number of days and conducting bogus interviews with victims, the attackers known as “Pink Drainer” steal accounts using social engineering.

As soon as the con artists acquire the trust of their victims, they demand that they complete a KYC (Know Your Customer) check to confirm their identity before sending the victims to phishing websites where they can be tricked into giving up their Discord login tokens.

These websites enable hackers to take over target accounts without even needing to know the user’s login information, or even by tricking the two-factor authentication system.

Attackers declare themselves as administrators and delete all other administrators from the accounts they have taken, after which they steal sensitive data and digital assets covertly.

Attackers utilize the accounts they have access to to spread bogus hoaxes, bitcoin fraud, and phishing pages when they belong to well-known projects or individuals with a huge following.

Owners of digital assets should exercise great caution and suspicion whenever they interact with the media since the Pink Drainer gang is still operating, which is regrettable. Investors in cryptocurrencies, on the other hand, shouldn’t blindly believe adverts that are placed on reliable popular accounts.

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