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$1.5B Blockchain Hack: Twitter Airdrop

Jul 28, 2023
$1.5B Blockchain Hack: Twitter Airdrop
Marcel Bich

The project, which is ranked among the top 40 cryptocurrencies by market valuation, had its Twitter account taken over by unidentified individuals.

Who Hacked Aptos Network’s Twitter Account and Stole User Data?

Unknown hackers broke into the Aptos Network’s Twitter account and stole user data. The project’s developers made this known. Uncertainty exists on how the hackers were able to access the page.

The nonprofit Aptos Foundation, according to Aptos Labs, has not been harmed in any way as a result of the attackers’ acts. The blockchain on Aptos Network operates in a similar way. It should be emphasized that after gaining control of the page, the fraudsters tweeted about a phony APT token distribution. Users were cautioned by Aptos Labs not to click the URLs.

The Aptos Network page doesn’t currently have any tweets. The developers may have been able to acquire accessibility to the page again, although it is uncertain. Users of the initiative complain in the project’s Telegram channel about losing their tokens, although it’s unclear how widespread the fraud is.

The APT token is unaffected by news of the breach of Aptos Twitter. It’s currently trading at $7.2 daily plus not a few percentage points as of this writing. Based on the CoinMarketCap data, APT’s market capitalization is $1.5 billion.