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Pig Butchering Scams Undermine Crypto Trust

Aug 1, 2023
Pig Butchering Scams Undermine Crypto Trust
Marcel Bich
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California Launches a Crypto Scam Tracker

In the deceptive world of pig butchering scams, fraudsters utilize social media or dating apps to establish relationships with unsuspecting victims. Taking advantage of those with limited financial knowledge, scammers introduce fraudulent crypto investment prospects. They gain victims’ trust before proposing investments and offering assistance in setting up exchange accounts, providing wallet addresses for fund transfers.

These scams operate through seemingly legitimate investment platforms that fabricate gains to deceive victims. However, when victims attempt to withdraw funds, they find themselves unable to do so. Pressured by scammers under various pretexts, victims may unwittingly transfer more money, only to be left empty-handed as the scammers vanish.

Derived from the manipulative relationships built by scammers, pig butchering scams involve a prolonged engagement with victims, often targeting vulnerable groups such as the elderly. Despite the effort required, scammers establish trust that can yield significant payoffs.

Remaining vigilant and educating oneself about common scam tactics is crucial to safeguarding crypto assets. Understanding these swindles helps individuals steer clear of potential traps.

Governments are increasingly recognizing the risks posed by these types of fraud and taking action. Last year, the California Department of Financial Protection and Innovation launched a cryptocurrency scam tracker to assist residents in identifying and avoiding crypto scams.

Exploiting Personal Relationships: California Cases Expose the Tactics

Cases from California demonstrate the terrible effects of pig butchering fraud, where victims frequently lose a sizable sum of money. One victim lost their retirement savings after investing millions after falling victim to an imposter who claimed to be Manapool. $500 was lost by another victim to a rogue broker. The attorney general for California underlines the dangers associated with cryptocurrency investments and offers advice against falling for their hype. The size of the problem is demonstrated by the $112 million that the US Department of Justice seized in connection with pig slaughtering fraud. A worrying poll also finds that 35% of Canadian crypto owners have fallen victim to fraud. In order to stop these fraudulent acts, ongoing awareness and preventative steps are crucial.