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YouTuber’s Accidental Crypto Expose

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ByMarcel Bich

Aug 13, 2023
YouTuber's Accidental Crypto Expose
Marcel Bich
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A blockchain analyst using the pseudonym @ZachXBT shared the results of an investigation on Twitter, uncovering a crypto phishing scheme involving popular YouTuber JB’s Adventures, who has 122 thousand subscribers.

YouTuber Exposed: Crypto Phishing Scandal Unveiled

During a Q&A session on Snapchat, the YouTuber accidentally revealed his cryptocurrency address. @ZachXBT tracked the purchases made from the address cool-breeze.eth and discovered that JB’s Adventures had acquired the Bored Ape Yacht Club collection token, BAYC 8668, in October 2022. However, it was the funding sources for this NFT purchase that caught the analyst’s attention. By examining the wallet’s funding history, @ZachXBT determined that over 85 ETH had been transferred to the cool-breeze.eth account from addresses directly associated with the Monkey Drainer phishing constructor.

Monkey Drainer is the alias of a cyber attacker and the name of a fraudulent toolkit designed for stealing NFTs and cryptocurrencies through malicious smart contracts.

@ZachXBT noted that the YouTuber was not only aware of the criminal income but also provided training to his partners in phishing schemes on a private Discord server. Interestingly, the YouTuber himself became a victim of Monkey Drainer in late 2022, losing the BAYC 8668 token.

The attacker, not content with their previous actions, adopted the persona of an “info gypsy” and flaunted a lavish lifestyle on Snapchat, showcasing a rhinestone-studded Rolex watch and a 2011 model Volvo sedan.

The YouTuber, now operating under the pseudonym Blue, has reportedly transitioned to scamming victims on Twitter using various fake accounts, as noted by @ZachXBT. At the time of writing, JB’s Adventures had deleted all their videos from the platform. The analyst hopes that the evidence uncovered will be sufficient for the victims to pursue legal action against the attacker.

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