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2,700 Kilograms of Cocaine Were Discovered by Italian Police Dogs in a Cargo of Bananas

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ByMarcel Bich

Aug 23, 2023
Italian police dogs find 2,700 kg of cocaine
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Authorities in southern Italy have found 2,700 kilos of cocaine disguised in a banana shipment from Guayaquil, Ecuador, with the use of a highly competent narcotics sniffer dog and specialist scanners.

What is Known About a Drug Shipment

A cargo ship that had halted in the port of Gioia Tauro in the southern district of Calabria was carrying roughly 70,000 kg of packed bananas, based on the authorities, who discovered the narcotic on Tuesday. 

The “toe” of the boot-shaped Italian peninsula, Gioia Tauro, is regarded as a ‘Ndrangheta stronghold. The ‘Ndrangheta is an organized crime group that originated only in the province of Calabria and has recently grown to be a significant participant in the global drug-trafficking industry.

Before arriving at their eventual destination in Armenia, the bananas and their unauthorized traveling companion traveled to Batumi in Georgia, according to the officials. 

However, authorities were able to penetrate the haul and find the cocaine hidden in the banana boxes before the shipment could be sent to the landlocked nation in the Caucasus. 

According to documentation and a criminal record check, the banana shippers weren’t in the business of transporting so much fruit, the police informed Italian state radio.

The discovery of cocaine packets concealed in boxes placed within the containers was made possible in large part by a sniffer dog named Joel.

The Cost of Drug Discoveries

According to Italian authorities, the cocaine that was confiscated was of the highest grade and could have made drug traffickers more than 800 million euros from street sales in Armenia. 

Customs police reported that just a few days before the cocaine discovery in the banana cartons on Tuesday, officials discovered 600 kg of cocaine in six container trucks at the same port that were also transporting fruit from Ecuador. These consignments were headed for Georgia, Greece, and Croatia.

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