• Mon. Aug 28th, 2023

Twitter Hacked! Fake Token Promo

Aug 28, 2023
Twitter Hacked! Fake Token Promo
Marcel Bich
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Scammers took over the popular cryptocurrency launchpad CoinList‘s Twitter account, promoting the release of a new coin called LIST. Within hours, the post had thousands of viewers.

CoinList‘s Swift Response: Securing Users Amidst Twitter Hack

The CoinList team immediately took action in reaction to the suspicious behavior to secure the account and promptly posted information about the attack on social media. The project’s officials emphasized that they never give out tokens in this way and cautioned users to utilize it when they see such messages.

Here’s what they wrote on Telegram:

“The CoinList Twitter account has been compromised. The links should not be clicked. Neither do we now have nor do we intend to distribute a token to the market. As soon as the problem is addressed, we’ll let you know.”

CoinList confirmed its dedication to placing a high priority on client money’ and individuals’ data’ protection. To avoid future unwanted access, the team is currently working to adopt new security measures.