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Russian Actor’s ₽45M Crypto Loss

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ByMarcel Bich

Sep 22, 2023
Russian Actor's ₽45M Crypto Loss
Marcel Bich
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Russian actor Pavel Derevyanko owes a large sum because of a failed investment in the cryptocurrency business. About this he told the TV channel “360”.

According to the actor, we are talking about a sum of ₽45 million. At the same time, he demands much more from him. However, Derevyanko is not going to tell the details of his deception yet and promised that he will reveal the story a little later.

“Very soon I will make an official statement, here I will tell the whole country how it was,” he said.

How Derevyanko Was Cheated

According to the Telegram channel Baza, Derevyanko invested in crypto-business and got into ₽45 million. This money is demanded from him by a businessman with whom he carelessly entered into an agreement to make money.

To fix the profit, the Russian actor decided back in late 2021. Then an acquaintance offered him to invest in cryptobusiness and receive every month a large percentage of investment without any risks. The proposal interested Derevyanko, and he immediately invested about ₽1 million, and soon received the entire amount and 10% on top.

Having received a profit from the investment, the actor, with the help of an acquaintance, turned to a successful crypto-businessman to conclude a contract and earn already 84% per annum on the amount of investment. After the first success, Derevyanko appreciated the idea, so he immediately signed the papers and began to wait for the profit. However, in July, the actor received a lawsuit from the businessman demanding to return him ₽45 million.

It is not known where Derevyanko got such debts from, as he initially trusted a more experienced acquaintance. However, he is sure that his buddy and the crypto-businessman simply deceived him and are now trying to cheat him out of his money.

The Use of Cryptocurrency in Pyramid Schemes is Growing

Last year, the Bank of Russia reported that more than 58% of the financial pyramids identified in the first quarter of 2022 were related to cryptocurrencies. According to Valery Lyakh, Director of the Bank of Russia’s Department for Countering Unfair Practices, attackers are actively using the information agenda.

To secure their assets, Lyakh advised Russians to disable VPNs. In his opinion, disabling VPNs is useful because “most financial pyramids advertise themselves via the Internet.”

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