• Sat. Aug 19th, 2023

John Deaton’s Twitter account was hacked by attackers

Jul 7, 2023
John Deaton's Twitter Hacked by Attackers
Marcel Bich

Deaton’s business, Crypto Law, claimed on a microblog that his account had been subject to “continuous cyber attack for several days.” On his daughter’s page, the attorney also posted a message informing followers about the attack and urging them to alert others to the situation.

With 200,000 followers that follow his articles, Deaton is a fairly well-known person on the crypto twitter, especially in the XRP community. The attorney is well-known for handling the continuing legal dispute between Ripple and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. 

The hack’s date wasn’t picked at random

Strangely, Deaton’s birthday fell on the day of the break-in. Most likely, the hackers wanted to give the bogus LAW airdrop more credibility in its promotion. The fraudsters claim that the coin “represents an innovative approach to tokenization and DeFi centered around crypto regulation.”

Users must link their wallets on the LAW airdrop page, which has a user experience like most phishing websites. Ripple CTO David Schwartz and other well-known XRP figures cautioned consumers not to click on the phishing link.

Phishing Scams are Becoming Increasingly Audacious

The event demonstrates how daring phishing campaigns can be. Phishing is on the increase, with con artists utilizing a range of techniques including hacking into popular people’s Twitter accounts, project Discord channels, and spamming, while other types of bitcoin theft seem to be declining.

Attackers typically offer to participate in an airdrop of an established, well-known project or promote a new one in exchange for cleaning users’ wallets when they login to the site.