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Orbiter Finance’s Discord Was Hacked by Criminals

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ByMarcel Bich

Jul 7, 2023
Orbiter Finance's Discord Hacked by Criminals
Marcel Bich
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We are working to resolve the hacking issue on the Orbiter Finance Discord. Anything that occurs on the server is not true, kindly. The notice reads, “Don’t click any links!”

Some users claim they have already lost money as a result of clicking on malicious links on the server, in the meantime.

To exchange cryptocurrency between other networks, consumers can use Orbiter Finance, a cross-chain bridge. It appears that some individuals who clicked on the phony links on the compromised Discord server have reported financial losses. 

Any number of schemes, including phishing attempts or the installation of malware that compromises users’ wallets or personal information, could result from clicking on such dangerous links.

Company’s Response

The Orbiter Finance team told their community that they are tirelessly working to address the matter and safeguard the Discord server in response to the hacking incident. Affected users must be on the lookout for potential threats and take the required procedures to safeguard their bitcoin assets, including evaluating and upgrading their security settings, turning on two-factor authentication, and being wary of any links or requests for personal information that seem dubious.

Cybersecurity Measures

Users are advised to rely on official communication channels, such as the project’s official website or verified social media accounts, in order to get the most accurate and recent information as a security measure. Users can handle the fallout from the hacking event and reduce any risks by staying up to date on the latest updates from the Orbiter Finance team.

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