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British Father of Three Spied on Women Online by Hacking their Webcams

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ByHarper Stewart

May 26, 2023
British Father of Three Spied on Women Online by Hacking their Webcams
Harper Stewart
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A British hacker left hundreds of women terrified after it was found out that he spied on unsuspecting strangers while they were doing their daily routine.

Christopher Taylor, a resident of Wigan in Greater Manchester, UK, led a regular life as a husband, father of three, and caregiver to his ailing wife. However, he had a strange hobby of spying on people. He started hacking devices globally in 2010, using pornographic links as bait to gain unrestricted access to victims’ laptops and webcams.

He targeted people without their consent or knowledge, which is both immoral and illegal. It’s important to respect people’s privacy, and society must take measures to prevent and punish such activities.

Christopher Taylor’s actions were a gross violation of the privacy and dignity of his victims. Through the use of malicious software, he gained unauthorized access to their personal computers, enabling him to spy on them while they were engaged in their daily activities. Whether they were eating, studying, or even exercising, Taylor had no qualms about invading their privacy.

A Weirdo Next Door

What is particularly disturbing about Taylor’s actions is the extent to which he went to indulge his perverted desires. He didn’t just stop at watching his victims; he recorded dozens of them and collected a staggering 80,000 images and videos from 2010 to 2016. Some of these videos even included bestiality, a crime that is considered abhorrent and inhumane.

Seven Years of Investigation

After a seven-year investigation, Christopher Taylor’s hacking activities were exposed. Despite US authorities requesting his extradition for trial, a London court denied the request, citing his wife’s health. Neil Fryman, the prosecutor, revealed that Taylor collected a vast number of images and videos, including people undressing and having sex.

Taylor was caught after a victim downloaded malware onto her laptop, leading to a search of Taylor’s home where naked photos and videos of victims and bestiality videos were found, leading to his arrest. Taylor was sentenced to one year and two months in prison. Justice must be served, and Taylor must be held accountable for his actions.

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