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Dark Web Trio Sentenced

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ByHarper Stewart

Oct 15, 2023
Harper Stewart
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According to a press statement from the Metropolitan Police, Allen Valentine, age 62, his son Roshan Valentine, age 39, and Krunal Patel, age 40, Roshan’s boyhood buddy, were recently found to be involved in a Dark Web drug operation involving fake Xanax and Valium tablets.

Dark Web Pill Operation: Trio’s Sentences Revealed

After the DEA disclosed evidence about this trio’s unlawful drug trafficking operations on different Dark Web markets, the investigation into them got under way in January 2022.

It was discovered that they operated out of a warehouse, attempting to hide their true intentions by posing as a logistics business. They would show up at the warehouse every day to produce the fake medications and package them in accordance with client requests. Patel was seen taking big bags out of the facility and coming back with nothing, which suggests he was involved in shipping narcotics items.

Investigators detained Patel on August 17, 2022, outside the warehouse. They found 15 narcotics shipments in his possession that were all addressed to people in the UK. These shipments included fake Teva and Xanax tablets. The father and son were subsequently detained as well.

The facility for producing pills was fully operational when the warehouse was searched, along with considerable amounts of unknown chemical compounds and pressed pills.

On February 10, 2023, Patel and Roshan Valentine both entered guilty pleas to several accusations of narcotics trafficking. Despite this, Allen Valentine was found guilty on May 9 following a trial at Isleworth Crown Court despite his first declaration of innocence.

On September 7, Patel, Roshan Valentine, and Allen Valentine were sentenced at Isleworth Crown Court. Patel received a six-year sentence, Roshan Valentine received a seven-year sentence, and Allen Valentine received an 11-year sentence.

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