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Capita Confirms Potential Data Breach After Ransomware Attack

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ByHarper Stewart

Jun 2, 2023
Capita Confirms Potential Data Breach After Ransomware Attack
Harper Stewart
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According to Capita, a British outsourcing firm that works closely with the British government to deliver essential services, criminals may have gained customer data in a recent cyberattack.

The British military, the Department for Work and Pensions, and the NHS are among the clients of the outsourcing giant in London.

Here’s what Capita said in a statement on Thursday, April 20th:

“Our examination into the March assault had turned up proof of limited data exfiltration that may contain customer, supplier, or a colleague data.”

The number of harmed clients or the categories of data obtained have not been disclosed by Capita. The corporation won’t make any other comments, according to Russ Lynch, an agency representative for Capita, who talked to TechCrunch.

In contrast, according to a Sunday Times investigation, the ransomware group Black Basta, which spoke Russian and took responsibility for the crime, released information about teachers applying for teaching jobs at schools, including their personal information, bank account information, passport images, and addresses.

The group is also thought to have been behind the recent assault on Dish, a US satellite television company.

At the time of writing, Black Basta’s dark web leak site does not list Capita. This is a tactic that ransomware gangs frequently employ to pressure businesses into paying a ransom demand in exchange for not disclosing stolen data.

Later, on April 3rd, Capita acknowledged that a “cyber incident” was to blame for the outage that prevented personnel from using its VPN for login and Microsoft 365 services. Capita initially acknowledged that it had experienced an “IT issue” in late March. At the same time, Capita asserted that there was “no proof that client, supplier, or colleague data had been hacked.”

Conor Walsh, a spokesman for the Cabinet Office, explained to TechCrunch that the incident “mostly hampered internal operations with little influence on government departments,” adding that UK government services were also disrupted.

According to Capita’s most recent update, “virtually every client services that were affected” have now been restored. Additionally, Capita says it has reestablished staff accessibility to Microsoft 365.

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