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Hackers From Dumpforums Took Around 24TB of Data From 1cbit.ru Servers

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ByHarper Stewart

Jun 5, 2023
Hackers From Dumpforums Took Around 24TB of Data From 1cbit.ru Servers
Harper Stewart
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The organization seeks a payment in exchange for the corporation 1cbit.ru’s stolen information.

​​The Dumpforums hacker group has claimed responsibility for hacking into the website 1cbit.ru, a cyberattack in which they reportedly accessed and retrieved over 24 terabytes of sensitive information related to various sectors, including the public sector and critical infrastructure.

According to the cybercriminals, they were able to infiltrate 1cbit’s systems for more than a month, giving them ample time to access and gather the targeted data. It remains unclear how the hackers were able to gain entry into the website in the first place. However, this attack is a cause for

The cybercriminals responsible for the data breach have shared a limited amount of the stolen information on their Telegram channel and posted a message on the targeted company’s website. In the message, the attackers are demanding a payment of 5BTC to be transferred to their wallet before April 28, 2023.

They have threatened to reveal more of the sensitive data if the demand is not met. Currently, the website seems to be down or unavailable. This suggests that the company may be taking steps to address the issue.

Who are FirstBit

First Bit is a globally renowned IT company that specializes in offering automation and digitization solutions for businesses. Their services range from providing IT hardware and software equipment to clients, to working with data and revamping their business strategies in the process. In other words, First Bit is equipped with the necessary tools and expertise to

How to Prevent the Attacks

Cybersecurity experts advise users not to install applications from unknown sources and always check with some sort of antivirus program. In addition, users must take into consideration not to enter any personal data while being online.

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