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The Comeback of the Karakurt Extortion Group, Two US Victims

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ByHarper Stewart

Apr 13, 2023
Karakurt Extortion Group
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The hackers claimed to have hacked IT consulting company Officeworks and stolen the social security numbers of 150 million Americans from One Corporation.

The Karakurt extortion group has returned after a brief absence, two US victims left.

The attackers made a claim to have hacked IT services business Officeworks and stolen the social security numbers of 150 million Americans from One Corporation.

Although this claim is still under verification, the companies must prepare for any outcome as the hackers have been identified as one of the most dangerous gangs of 2022.

It all started after the cyber attackers made a post on one of their social platforms, stating next message:

The victim of the Karakurt extortion group, Officeworks is a US-based leading retailer that operates with businesses of small and medium sizes. The attackers stated to have gained access to almost 300GB of the organization’s data.

The data contains extremely confidential information such as details about the staff, tax records, payment details, as well as private project and business information.

Who is behind the Karakurt extortion group?

The Karakurt Extortion gang is a threat organization that is known for extorting money from big companies through data theft.

The group is especially famous for making a statement of releasing the stolen data unless the Bitcoin compensation of $25,000 to $13,000,000 is paid.

The Karakurt mostly threatens the victims by posting the screenshots of the stolen data.

The organization is also known for harassing targets through emails and phone calls pressuring the members of companies, business partners, and clients to agree with their demands.

Even though the Karakurt website claimed to be offline, it showed an activity on the deep and dark web.

There are multiple terabytes of stolen information of victims from Europe and North America on the Karakurt website.

The connection between Karakurt extortion group and Conti

Conti is a pro-Russian malevolent group that has been among the most active threat organizations over the recent years.

It is believed that Conti is connected to the Russian-Ukrainian war as right after a couple of days after the war started, chats with information about daily operations, size of the group, and other details were leaked.

Later on, it was clear that Karakurt is a side project of Conti group, which they use as a way to make money from failed encryption strikes.

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