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NoName Hacker Group Attacks German Authorities

Apr 13, 2023
Harper Stewart

The NoName hacking group has been known to carry out online attacks in response to sanctions placed against Russia.

Several state organizations, such as the Federal Constitutional Court, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure, and others, were reported to have become victims of the NoName hacker group, with the majority of listed German websites unavailable.

Who is actually the NoName hacker group?

In response to sanctions put in place against Russia, the NoName hacking group has been known to carry out online attacks.

In the past, the group has targeted several Japanese enterprises, notably railway services, after Japan placed sanctions on 48 Russian citizens and 73 organizations.

The group also targeted the Italian military after Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni of Italy announced her full support for Ukraine’s war effort, in what appeared to be a retaliatory attack.

The NoName hacker group has continued to target European logistics and shipping firms, with recent attacks focusing on Lithuanian shipping and warehousing logistics firms Vlantana and UAB RUSKO.

Attacks by the criminal gang on logistics and transportation firms are part of a bigger strategy to sabotage the activities of these businesses across Europe.

Here’s a planned series of attacks…

The NoName hacking crew has also been focusing on Ukraine in addition to attacks on government institutions and logistics firms. Recent reports indicate that the number of cyberattacks against Ukraine has increased in the past year.

Meanwhile, it has been claimed that the pro-Russian hacking collective KillNet plans to attack 18 organizations headquartered in Estonia, Poland, the UK, and Ukraine.

The NoName hacking organization, along with other pro-Russian hacker groups, has demonstrated a pattern of ferocious attacks and a willingness to go to extreme lengths.