• Fri. Aug 18th, 2023

US Authorities Deal Blow to Cybercriminals with Shutdown of Popular Stolen Card Checking Service Try2Check

Jun 27, 2023
US authorities shut down Try2Check
Harper Stewart

American law enforcement shut down the well-known cybercrime service Try2Check and arrested a Russian national believed to be the service’s creator. On May 3rd, Try2Check was shut down as a result of a coordinated effort between the US government and allies in Germany, Austria, and France.

Denis Kulkov, a 43-year-old native of Russia, is the owner and operator of Try2Check, a Web-based platform that lets hackers determine if stolen credit card data is genuine or invalid at the time of check. In 2005, Kulkov founded the service and earned at least $18 million from it, which he spent on a Ferrari and other opulent items.

Additionally, the service assisted criminals in charging higher prices for the stolen data they sold to other fraudsters. For card verification, Try2Check charged 20 cents.

Prosecutors claim that the systems of a well-known US payment processing business – whose name police withheld – were utilized to validate card data. The indictment states that Try2Check processed more than a million transactions each month and was one of the most used card verification platforms by online fraudsters.

A reward of up to $10 million has been offered by the US State Department for information that results in Kulkov’s capture or conviction. A further reward of up to $1 million is also being offered by the United States for information that may be used to locate more Try2Check platform leaders.

Even though Kulkov has an arrest warrant issued by the US The Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of New York, alleging that he committed fraud involving a fraudulently obtained device, computer intrusion, and money laundering, it’s unlikely that Kulkov will be imprisoned unless he leaves Russia.