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Unmasking the Hidden Threat: Unveiling the Dark Web’s Stealer Logs Supply Chain

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ByHarper Stewart

Jul 4, 2023
Dark Web's Stealer Logs Supply Chain Unmasked
Harper Stewart
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Stealer logs pose a serious threat to contemporary enterprises, yet many security teams ignore the risks of infostealer malware in favor of focusing primarily on compromised credentials. In this tiny guide, we’re going to look at the stealer malware lifecycle and offer suggestions for detection and eradication.

Understanding Stealer Logs

Infostealer malware infects computers to extract saved passwords, OS details, IP addresses, browser history, and more. This data is then sent to command-and-control infrastructure and sold on the Dark Web or distributed via cybercrime Telegram channels.

The Stealer Malware Lifecycle

  • Malware as a Service Vendors: Malware is sold as a service, granting access to different infostealer variants. Buyers receive a web portal to collect logs from victims.
  • Distribution: Threat actors disseminate the virus through the download of pirated software, fraudulent advertisements, and spear-phishing emails. When the virus is downloaded, it harvests data and delivers it to the assailant.
  • Reselling: While most logs come from home computers, some provide access to corporate IT environments. These logs are highly sought after and sold on Russian marketplaces, Genesis Marketplace, and private Telegram channels.
  • Initial Access Brokers: Dark Web forums are populated by initial access brokers who sift through stealer logs to find corporate access. They validate and expand the access before auctioning it off to other threat actors.

Detect & Remediate Stealer Logs with Flare

The SaaS platform from Flare provides customized threat exposure management by identifying risks in clear online sources, illegal Telegram groups, and Dark online marketplaces. You may proactively find and fix stealer logs by incorporating Flare into your security software.

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