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Data Discourages the Sale of Drugs on the Dark Web

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ByHarper Stewart

Jul 8, 2023
Data discourages dark web drug sales
Harper Stewart
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The study contrasts non-policed sites Agora and Evolution with the policed site Silk Road 2 (SR2), which is the subject of the study. Jason Chan, one of the study’s authors from the University of Minnesota, claims that the number of vendors and subsequent transaction levels on the policed site significantly decreased as a result of enforcement measures.

The number of suppliers that remained decreased by 56% and the average number of transactions for each vendor decreased by 39% as a result of the arrest of SR2 users who were based in the United States. 

The Result

The study shows that the affected site’s transaction volume and weekly participation levels are negatively impacted when large-scale drug merchants are specifically targeted. The arrest incident particularly discouraged small darknet drug merchants, and those selling deadly narcotics were more discouraged than those selling less risky substances. 

The arrests had a ripple effect on users of the darknet outside the purview of the prosecutorial authorities and had an influence outside the country in which the arrests were made. The researchers place a strong emphasis on the economic significance of their findings, which supports the efficacy of targeting large-scale drug suppliers in a targeted manner to reduce darknet activity. 

They stress that site shutdowns are more expensive and time-consuming than targeted targeting, which can nonetheless be effective in lowering drug-dealing activity on the darknet market. The fact that at least $2 million worth of products and services are traded on darknet markets every day highlights the necessity for legislators and law enforcement organizations to use a variety of policing tactics to prevent larger vendors. 

The arrest of prominent darknet merchants has a large deterrent effect on a sizable fraction of darknet users, according to co-author Andrew Whinston of the University of Texas at Austin.

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