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UK Psychiatrist Moderated Child Sex Abuse Site

Jul 18, 2023
UK Psychiatrist Moderated Child Sex Abuse Site
Harper Stewart

Lewisham doctor Kabir Garg, who enabled the trafficking of minors, has acknowledged his wrongdoing. Garg worked at the South London and Maudsley NHS Trust as a psychiatrist until his arrest in November. He was described in court as a “moderator” who oversaw the website’s operations and gave instructions on how to send pornographic photographs through private messaging. Garg’s laptop and SD card had several obscene photographs, including 522 images classified as category A, the most serious category of abuse, that the National Crime Agency (NCA) uncovered after his detention.

NHS Psychiatrist’s Shocking Crimes: Pursuing Justice for Child Victims

Bethany Raine, an expert investigator from the Organized Child Sexual Abuse Unit of the Crown Prosecution Service, stressed the seriousness of Garg’s crimes, especially in light of his role as an NHS psychiatrist in charge of the care of those who are vulnerable. Raine emphasized the CPS’s and investigators’ resolve to track down anybody who violates children, even those who do so on the Dark Web.

Garg entered pleas of guilty to a number of offenses, including assisting in the exploitation of children, disseminating pornographic material featuring children, creating pornographic material featuring children, and having pornographic material featuring children in his possession. The South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust stated the wish that his conviction will provide closure to those who had been harmed by his heinous acts. In the meanwhile, Garg has been placed on administrative leave by the GMC. Following the conclusion of the inquiry, the GMC will choose whether to submit the matter to a tribunal hearing to decide if Garg will be struck off the medical register.