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The Most Shocking Discovered On the Dark Web

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ByHarper Stewart

Jul 21, 2023
The Most Shocking Discovered On the Dark Web
Harper Stewart
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The deep web, commonly referred to as the darknet, is a section of the internet that is mostly accessed through the Tor network. It provides a safe haven for a range of actions and information that could be inappropriate or illegal on the mainstream internet. 

The underground economy, where illicit products and services, including narcotics and weapons, are bought and sold, is frequently linked to the deep web. In addition, there are troubling issues related to the conversation and sharing of illegal information featuring children, recognized by code words like “cheese pizza.”

The deep web’s reputation as a haven for only vice and nefarious activity is crucial to mention, while it is not totally true. Even though some of the information and sales on Tor are dubious, most of it is unimportant and harmless. Instead of the sensationalized content depicted in popular media, users frequently experience sluggish load times and dull forums.

However, there are sporadic cases of unsettling stories from the deep web that succeed in unsettling and upsetting. These myths and legends may be unfounded, yet even if they are, their presence cannot be completely refuted. These anomalies add to the deep web’s sinister reputation.

Note that we don’t promote or support any illegal activities. We only inform internet users about the dangers of the dark web. We highly advise not to click on any suspicious links.

Red Rooms (Human Experiments)

The Red Rooms consistently rank #1 in each article on spooky websites that you may read online or in magazines. These are essentially websites where experiments and acts of torture carried out on humans or animals (mainly humans) are broadcast live or the videos are afterwards made available for purchase.

What’s worse? Even worse news is that admission costs as little as 0.01BTC, and that visitors have genuine authority over what takes place in the rooms.

Or there may be additional modifications, such as requiring prepayment and sending in your “requirements” in advance.

Despite the fact that 90% of the websites posing as these are frauds. The genuine ones aren’t actually “advertised” either for obvious reasons. Most people undoubtedly do not believe in them since, even if a buddy is part of them, they won’t exactly brag about it to you, right? You either need to know the URL on your own or you may be “invited in” by an existing member.

Daisy`s Destruction

One of the spookiest human experiments discovered on the dark web is this one. It’s hard to distinguish reality from urban rumor regarding Peter Scully’s sinister child recordings

What is evident is that the “Daisy’s Destruction” (also known as “The Destruction of Daisy”) films, which only exist on the deepest reaches of the deep web, show Scully and her different allies abusing little children as young as two years old and, in some cases, taking their lives, are extremely violent and graphic.

Rest confident that Scully is currently behind bars and that the FBI now owns his footage. There are online descriptions of his infamous works, albeit many of the finer specifics could just be rumors.

Human Products

The creators of this website didn’t stop at the mere idea of skinning someone alive or in any other means obtaining their flesh. The proprietors assert that they employ “the greatest normal skin there is. Their slogan is “Human skin.”

Many items made of human skin are available for purchase on this website, including wallets, handbags, and belts, which may be purchased for a premium of $10,000.

You are normal and sane if you find items manufactured out of human beings upsetting since individuals who don’t have to be insane.

Special Meat

The “necrobabes.com” website, which doesn’t seem at all unpleasant, is a forum where individuals can talk about how to make human flesh. There are even sporadic gatherings when participants go together to have “dinner” together, with the main course maybe being a component of their own bodies or someone they don’t know.

This website does an excellent job of trying to demonstrate that cannibals may still have morality and respect for others. These conceited scumbags are justification for their bad behavior.

On a similar website, you may get instructions on how to cook a woman while keeping her alive for as long as needed. Additionally, it will describe the ideal way to prepare her based on her body type.

Inside of a Violent Sexual Offender’s Mind

Ever questioned what goes on in the head of a violent sexual predator? You wouldn’t want to know, and neither would we. However, it has been claimed that Joseph E. Duncan III, a prisoner, typed down his confessions, dreams, wishes, and other thoughts and forwarded them to a coworker who printed and posted them on the blog.

The blog has more than 30 posts and is still active. It might not seem as bizarre on the surface as the other spooky websites on our list, but after reading the blog for a while, you start to feel uneasy.

Violent Desires (Extremely Dark Forum)

People discussing their most horrible and violent fantasies is pretty much what the name of this site, which is rumored to still be active as of 2016, indicates. The most notorious instance is a post made by an unnamed doctor who promised to “manufacture” living kid sex dolls by torturing, testing on animals, and altering their bodies.  

The Armin Miewes cannibalism case, in which a disturbed individual ate a willing victim he found online, originated from a “clearnet” (regular, everyday) Internet forum called The Cannibal Cafe, where users shared their sexual “appetites” with one another. It is likely that Violent Desires is mostly just fiction. 

HIV Forum

Being infected with an STD is one thing, but discussing your experiences while carrying the HIV virus is quite another. On this forum, members act in this way.

They discuss their daily lives and their desire to spread the infection to others. They receive appreciation for their effective efforts and explain how they achieved it. The illness caused by the HIV virus, known as AIDs, is fatal and incurable. Medication can only be used to reduce the disease’s consequences.

It is disgusting what the people of this site do, and a dangerous STD shouldn’t be treated so casually.

Bbgate Forum (Breaking Bad)

Bbgate is a forum that uses the strategy of wallet-less market, which means that you do not need to deposit into your account and store extra money, or risk losing balance during crypto fluctuations. In addition, the forum is only available through the tor browser for enhanced security. The forum offers FAQs, instructions and vendors who sell different substances.

Cruel Onion Wiki

There is a proverb that goes, “If you can think of it, it’s probably a fetish.” This proverb holds true for a variety of heinous deeds and cruel behaviors, such as what occurs on the Cruel Onion Wiki. On a dark web site, kittens and other tiny animals are crushed under the feet of barely clothed or semi-naked women.  

Animal cruelty laws forbid such websites from functioning covertly, and the Cruel Onion Wiki has previously been taken down. However, the site always manages to reappear under a different name or URL, just like the rest of the darknet.

Human Trafficking

Would it be possible to buy a person on the deep web? As Vice Motherboard reporter Joseph Cox noted in July 2015, some promote precisely one service. He talks about email exchanges with a company called Black Death (BD), which was selling a woman by the name of “Nicole” for a starting price of $150,000. After many clandestine attempts to see Nicole’s live webcam footage and strike a contract, BD and its website vanished. 

It turns out that BD was probably a hoax as Nicole’s photographs appeared to be screenshots from an adult film. This mostly verified the concerns of an anonymous tactical advisor from the UK Human Trafficking Centre (UKHTC) of the National Crime Agency, who remarked that legitimate sites are not as slick as the photographs Cox saw.

This demonstrates that backdoor sales of real people do occur, but whatever the normal person, or even a journalist, may come across while exploring the dark web is probably fraudulent and intended to defraud them of their money.

Help Us Reddit

On this subreddit, a number of encrypted Reddit discussions first surfaced over 8 years ago. The fact that the two unencrypted threads said “Help Us” and “Please help us” rather than the fact that they were encrypted is what made them frightening and strange.

Over time, when new threads continued to develop, the community became aware. The subreddit was ultimately decoded roughly two years ago. Statements like “All will die,” “No one will survive,” “Death will consume you all,” “DON’T LET THEM TAKE US NOT YET PLEASE NO,” etc. were also included in the unencrypted communications.

The creator’s username has not yet been encrypted. Overall, even though the mystery has been largely answered, it continues to rank among the spookiest online stuff.

Best Gore

If you can’t handle the sight of people being shot in the most gruesome methods, or anything like that, don’t click on the aforementioned link. Considering that the Best Gore website is all about it. There, you can find incredibly disturbing video stuff that will stay with you for days.

Although it’s not all extreme, there is also minor stuff like individuals getting beat up in public, as well as risky genuine stunts that might result in death, etc. Let us tell you that it’s not a “red-room” since the site just manages to obtain the films and shares them with their viewers; neither the content nor the ownership of the videos is the site’s.

Drug Markets

The largest website that used to sell drugs of any type was called Silk Road, or “The Ebay of drugs” as you like to refer to it. Cocaine, pills, heroin, and meth are available along with a wide range of legal options, such as sedatives and specialty medications that can only be purchased with a doctor’s prescription.

Every user who had registered on the website was able to create a digital store and sell their “goods.” In order to make the buyer untraceable, payments are made using bitcoins. All three of the site’s versions have been discontinued, although several others have appeared in their stead.


The deep web is home to a large number of businesses and websites that advertise hiring hitmen on a contract basis. Naturally, as many Reddit users speculate, these services are most likely FBI sting operations. Furthermore, there is no assurance that these firms actually provide contract hit services, even if they are “legit” (in the sense that they are not fronts for law enforcement authorities).

Because bitcoin, the primary form of payment on the deep web, is basically non-refundable, the buyer’s attempts to offend someone might result in outright bamboozlement.

Fake Passports

When compared to things like animal cruelty and sinister videos, fake passport and documentation “factories” appear relatively innocent. However, when one considers that these forged documents could be purchased by terrorist organizations in order to enter nations with strict border security, such as the U.S. and the U.K., the idea becomes rather alarming.

In a February 2017 Daily Beast piece, it was revealed that the Neapolitan mafia known as the Camorra operated a document factory and offered its services on a deep web-only website. According to reports, these passports are so advanced that they may easily pass for the real thing. Additionally, there were links between this “company” and a number of armament sales executed by well-known radical networks.


Contrary to popular belief, certain dark web markets do facilitate the selling of firearms and other weapons. According to Fast Company, this is mostly due to the difficulty of sending these products via regular mail (as opposed to narcotics, which may be readily concealed when supplied in tiny quantities).

Additionally, if you try to buy these products from a dark web market, you may get into legal trouble because it’s very likely that many of the vendors are FBI, DEA, or ATF undercover operatives.  

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