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EncroChat Hijacking: 6,500+ Arrests, Seized Items

Aug 2, 2023
EncroChat Hijacking: 6,500+ Arrests, Seized Items
Harper Stewart

According to Europol, once EncroChat was shut down in July 2020, there were 6,558 arrests made throughout the globe and €900 million in illegal profits of crime were seized.

According to security officials, a subsequent collaborative operation launched by French and Dutch officials collected and examined more than 115 million communications that occurred between more than 60,000 users on the encrypted messaging app.

Law enforcement officials have already listed their accomplishments after almost three years:

  • Apprehended were 6,558 individuals, including 197 high-value targets.
  • Criminals found guilty were given a cumulative sentence of 7,134 years in prison.
  • Money seized totaled €739.7 million.
  • Frozen funds or assets total €154.1 million.
  • 30.5 million chemical pills were found.
  • Cocaine, cannabis, and heroin were all found in drug seizures.
  • 971 vehicles have been seized, including 40 aircraft and 83 watercraft.
  • 271 houses were taken.
  • 923 weapons, 21,750 rounds of ammunition, and 68 explosives were all seized.

Organized crime gangs utilized the encrypted phone network EncroChat to coordinate drug sales, money laundering, extortion, and even murder.

With features like automated message deletion and the choice to have them instantly deleted by a remote vendor, mobile devices were designed to give users “perfect anonymity,” enabling them to act without consequence.

EncroChat allegedly sold cryptocurrency phones for roughly €1000 apiece on a global scale. The platform’s early 2020 seizure by French and Dutch law enforcement organizations, which revealed important details about the organizations and their tactics, was unknown to users. The company’s French-based servers were turned down.