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Alleged Silk Road Vendor Faces Charges for Murder-for-Hire Scheme

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ByHarper Stewart

Aug 9, 2023
Alleged Silk Road Vendor Charged for Scheme
Harper Stewart
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Court records reveal that from at least November 2011 to September 2013, James Ellingson, 47, of Vancouver, Canada, sold substantial amounts of methamphetamine, heroin, cocaine, ecstasy, and marijuana on Silk Road using the handles “MarijuanaIsMyMuse” and “Lucydrop.” Ellingson said he would employ hitmen for Ulbricht using the alias “redandwhite” in his online postings.

Bitcoin Trail Links Silk Road Vendor to Ellingson-Registered Accounts in Bitstamp and Cavirtex

According to a blockchain study, Bitcoin taken from the MarijuanaIsMyMuse vendor account wound up in Ellingson-registered accounts at Bitstamp and Cavirtex.

Ellingson had used it to save the login and password for MarijuanaIsMyMuse, the investigators discovered after executing a search request for the email connected to the accounts. They also found emails that contained information on medicine names, weights, and costs.

The Lucydrop account was established in April 2012, and by March 2013, it was said to have sold pharmaceuticals totaling $285,000 in value.

A user utilizing the handle “FriendlyChemist” contacted Lucydrop in March 2013. In exchange for his providing Lucydrop with narcotics to sell on SilkRoad, FriendlyChemist wanted Lucydrop and Ulbricht to uphold their half of the bargain and pay him.

Ulbricht was approached by redandwhite in late March 2013 with the assertion that he was FriendlyChemist’s supplier and that FriendlyChemist owed him money. Then Ulbricht and redandwhite began talking about a murder-for-hire scheme against FriendlyChemist.

As compensation for killing FriendlyChemist, Ulbricht gave redandwhite $150,000 in Bitcoin. Redandwhite submitted a photo as proof of the murder to Ulbricht in early April 2013, informing him that FriendlyChemist had been killed.

Redandwhite received a loan of approximately $500,000 in Bitcoin from Ulbricht in September 2013. Ulbricht informed redandwhite that he would send a representative to retrieve the loan’s collateral and requested that redandwhite submit a photo of himself as identification. Ellingson is seen standing in front of a structure in the picture, which was taken from Ulbricht’s laptop.

In October 2018, Ellingson was detained by Canadian police. On May 11th, 2023, the charges against him were made public. He is accused of conspiring in the importation, trafficking, and money laundering of drugs on one count each.

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