• Thu. Aug 17th, 2023

NJ Man Hires Hitman to Kill 14-Year-Old Witness

Aug 11, 2023
NJ Man Hires Hitman to Kill 14-Year-Old Witness
Harper Stewart

A 14-year-old girl who was supposed to give evidence in a child pornography case was targeted by a New Jersey man who ordered the hit, according to prosecutors. He will serve more than six years in jail.

NJ Man Sentenced for Hiring Hitman to Silence Young Witness

Based on the HSI’s reports, John Michael Musbach, 34, admitted to paying a hitman around $20,000 to kill the youngster with whom he had been exchanging sexually explicit images and videos online while she was only 13 years old.

Musbach was given a 78-month jail term on Tuesday by a federal court judge, according to authorities.

According to Ricky J. Patel, HSI Newark Special Agent in Charge, Musbach’s attempts to quiet his victim demonstrate the extent to which child predators would go to get away with their horrible crimes.

Before the New York girl’s parents learned about it and informed the police, Musbach allegedly started an illicit connection with her in 2015. Accusations of child pornography led to the defendant’s arrest in March 2016.

A few months later, according to the prosecution, Musbach spent 40 Bitcoin, or around $20,000 at the time, on a website that facilitated murder for hire in order to prevent the adolescent from testifying. In the end, officials said that the website was a hoax.

The defendant was sentenced to three years of supervised release after his release from jail and was also fined $30,000, according to the prosecution.