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A Washington Man Received Jail Time for Operating a Drug Supplier Account

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ByHarper Stewart

Aug 16, 2023
Washington man jailed for drug supplier account
Harper Stewart
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A news report claims that 39-year-old Jonathan Williams participated in a dark web conspiracy to distribute LSD and MDMA. Williams ran the vendor account, and his two cronies packaged and shipped the medicines to the customers.

After a joint investigation by the FBI and USPS, Williams and his co-defendants Linus Lee, 51, and Joyce Oldrich, 70, were charged in July 2022. The detectives bought items from the vendor several times while acting undercover for the inquiry.

Supplied Drugs

Oldrich was identified as the sender of the cocaine parcels thanks to the undercover purchases. Lee was found when the investigators watched Oldrich. Over 5,000 LSD pills, over four kilograms of MDMA, and over $7,600 in cash were found during a search of Lee’s home. 

Some of the medications were already packaged by Lee in readiness for mailing to their purchasers. The police found Williams thanks to forensic examination of the couple’s phones. Lee and Williams were allegedly talking about how much to charge for the drugs they were selling on the dark web

Williams’ residence was investigated by the police, but no narcotics were discovered. However, they apparently proved that the $21,000 in cash they discovered was the result of the narcotics trafficking enterprise.

The Sentence

Tessa M. Gorman, acting US Attorney said that Mr. Williams made harmful medications accessible to anyone with a computer by using his computer expertise. Although he may not have personally touched the narcotics, by using his computer keyboard he made money while endangering others. 

On July 11, 2023, U.S. District Judge James L. Robart sentenced Williams to three years of supervised release in addition to two and a half years in jail.On April 18, 2023, Lee was given a similar punishment, while Oldrich was given time served and three years of supervised release.

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