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LOLEKHosted Admin Arrested

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ByHarper Stewart

Sep 8, 2023
LOLEKHosted Admin Arrested
Harper Stewart
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Five people were apprehended and servers were seized as a consequence of the effective dismantling of the bulletproof hosting company Lolek by law enforcement. Allegations of aiding Netwalker ransomware attacks and other harmful activities are connected to the removal.

Cybercriminals like bulletproof hosting companies because of their lax standards, which ignore reports of illegal behavior and copyrighted information on their servers. These platforms let hackers run campaigns without worrying that their operations would be stopped if their malicious behavior is discovered.

A notice concerning a global law enforcement operation involving Poland and the US is posted on the website of the Lolek hosting company, lolekhosted[.]net, which has been taken down. The operation against LOLEKHosted was coordinated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Criminal Investigation of the Internal Revenue Service.

In order to attract consumers, Lolek advertised itself as a “100% privacy hosting” service with a no-log policy and provided a platform where virtually any activity was permitted. Both PayPal and cryptocurrencies were accepted for payment.

Operated by the Netwalker Ransomware Gang

Five administrators were taken into custody and arrested in Poland, according to Europol and the US Department of Justice (DOJ). The investigation against LolekHosted.net was coordinated by the Polish Central Cybercrime Bureau under the direction of the Katowice Regional Prosecutor’s Office.

Cybercriminals used Lolek’s servers as launching pads for DDoS attacks, distribution points for malware that steals data, command and control hubs, hosts for phony online shops, and launchers of spam campaigns.

Artur Karol Grabowski, a Polish national, was accused for running LolekHosted, according to the US DOJ. It’s unknown if Grabowski was one of those detained in Poland, but he is charged with encouraging cybercrime by letting users sign up under false identities, often switching server IP addresses, and informing users of legal enquiries.

Grabowski is also associated with the dismantled Netwalker ransomware operation since it is claimed that he rented servers that were used in more than 50 operations to get into networks, store stolen data, and house hacking tools.

On August 8th, law officials seized LolekHosted’s servers with the help of the FBI, IRS, and Europol. Grabowski is accused of conspiring to commit wire fraud, computer fraud, and international money laundering; if found guilty on all counts, he could spend 45 years in jail.

Law enforcement is nonetheless determined to taking action against these platforms, even while bulletproof hosting companies continue to aid in the propagation of malware and online criminality. Similar measures against such providers have been taken in the past, demonstrating a deliberate effort to stop cybercrime.

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