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Dark Web Scam: Gun Store Fraud “TOR GUNS”

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ByHarper Stewart

Sep 10, 2023
Dark Web Scam: Gun Store Fraud "TOR GUNS"
Harper Stewart
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This time, our attention is on exposing the “TOR GUNS” business on the Dark Web, which claims to be the most reasonably priced supplier of firearms in its covert territory. Following an alert internet user’s notice of this illicit website, “ODN” launched an investigation, concluding that “TOR GUNS” is unquestionably a sham business.

Unveiling the Shadows: Inside the Deceptive World of ‘TOR GUNS’ on the Dark Web

With the help of the supplied URL, “ODN” explored the murky “TOR GUNS” store in the Darknet. This link is the store’s Darknet address.

Visitors to “TOR GUNS” are greeted by a stark image of a gun aimed menacingly at the screen; this is done on purpose to elicit a spooky yet intriguing reaction that may lead to sales.

The website’s banner boastfully states that it sells cheap firearms such revolvers, pistols, and rifles. For the benefit of gun lovers, the homepage prominently displays these products together with accessories and in-depth photos.

As you browse the website further, you’ll find detailed photographs of the products in high resolution along with expert descriptions that include information on their capacity, weight, barrel length, and trigger type.

A created order is sent to the user’s Bitcoin or Monero payment address, requesting immediate payment, after making a choice and inputting purchasing data (name, email, location, contact number), as well as the payment method (Bitcoin, Monero).

To intentionally mislead visitors and promote sales, “TOR GUNS” carefully uses manipulative strategies. Despite being deleted, the Q&A portions followed a scamming tactic that is frequently employed. [email protected], the customer service email, corresponds to anonymous Darknet addresses.

Finally, “TOR GUNS” exemplifies fraud by preying on individuals who are ignorant of its deceitful nature and repeating strategies used by earlier con games. The website’s technological features are straightforward, constructed in PHP, and lack complex design or advanced technical components, revealing a strategy meant to take advantage of blind victims.

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