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How to Hire a Hacker on the Dark Web?

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ByHarper Stewart

Sep 19, 2023
How to Hire a Hacker on the Dark Web?
Harper Stewart
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The prices for hacking on the dark web.

A wide variety of unlawful and criminal goods and services are available for purchase on the Dark Web. And it undoubtedly includes the crime of cyberspace. You may pay a hacker to perform any of these tasks, such as hacking websites, DDoS attacks, creating bespoke software, or even manipulating grades. But how much do these products cost, and how can users use the dark web to employ hackers?

Note that we don’t promote any illegal activity, especially on the dark web. All the material is strictly for educational purposes that are meant to show the actual dangers for internet users.

The Connection Between Hackers and the Dark Web

Due to the lack of regulation, the darknet accommodates a variety of illegal activities, with frauds being particularly common. The correct method may still be used to locate trustworthy merchants. Marketplaces that sell products and services are ubiquitous, including the infamous Silk Road. Some concentrate on hacking services, from DDoS assaults to social media intrusions. These hackers are frequently “Black Hat Hackers,” who prioritize financial gain over security. It’s perilous to hire hackers from the Dark Web.

How to Hire a Hacker on Dark Web

Tor browser download page.

Tor must be downloaded and installed on your browser in order to access the black web.To access the Dark Web, you must utilize Tor. Your IP address will be exposed to everyone on the site if you do not use it. This is due to the fact that when you use Tor to browse, your web traffic flows via three levels of encrypted tunnels before reaching its final location. Before you can visit the dark website in question, the entire procedure will take about 10 minutes. Before engaging in such actions, you should ask inquiries to a deep hacker web.

How do People Pay for Hackers on the Dark Web?

Two most popular payment methods on the dark web – bitcoin and monero currencies.

The vast majority of dark web transactions are conducted utilizing cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. This holds true regardless of whether you pay for a cyber solution or a product. Bitcoin may be exchanged privately, which means that both the buyer and seller can keep their identities hidden. A Bitcoin wallet is required to facilitate a Bitcoin transaction. Before transferring any payments, ensure that the vendor is authentic and that you are not being scammed, since this is sadly all too prevalent on the dark web.

Important Steps Before Hiring a Hacker

You’ve decided to employ a hacker from the Dark Web. Before you do, there are a few things you should look into:

Examine their social media accounts. If they have any proof of hacking abilities or a criminal past (for example, if they’ve written about it), it might be a red flag that they’re trying to con you. Also, seek for evidence that they are scammers or hackers themselves – this can be difficult because fraudsters and hackers sometimes use fictitious names and photographs when interacting with clients in their business interactions.

Most importantly, follow your instincts – if anything doesn’t feel right, don’t hire them!

Types of Hackers

Most common hacker services.

To determine the cost of these primarily unlawful services and which appear to be in the greatest need, we compiled more than 100 listings from 12 hacking services. The a la carte menus for the numerous black hat services available on many of the websites we looked at are similar. Prices are indicated in USD after conversion from BTC.

Prices may provide buyers a general indication of the cost of a service, but in reality, most projects are negotiated directly with clients. The eventual cost of a task is determined by its complexity, length, risk, and scope. However, the listings show some intriguing patterns:

Many hackers claim to be able to do tasks within 24 hours, however more complicated tasks may take days or weeks. The websites for the hacking services we examine typically advise potential clients to contact them via encrypted email or a secure chat program.

A quick summary and typical cost of the most popular hacking services are provided below.

Website hacking

Website hacking using SQL injections.

Average price: $394

Attacks against websites and other online services fall under this umbrella. One gang claimed it could “hack any website,” obtaining permission to access either the website’s administrator panel or the web server that runs it. Another claims that it can collect administrator passwords and database information. Along with internet pages, additional web infrastructure such as gaming servers can also be attacked.


A price list including DDoS attacks.

Average price: $26 per hour

Attackers using distributed denial-of-service techniques bombard a target, such a web server, with useless requests, preventing it from responding to genuine users. A botnet—a sizable collection of hacked machines that can be weaponized from a single command and control center—is typically used in this assault. It is more difficult to stop the unwanted requests when they are spread over several devices.

DDoS-as-a-service is becoming a well-liked business strategy. For as long as the buyer requires, hackers can sustain assaults for an hourly or even monthly fee. Some charge more to target websites that use DDoS defenses, such as Cloudflare. Prices can vary widely since they depend on how much bandwidth is required to execute the assault.

Social media account hacking

Hacking of social media accounts.

Average price: $230

Hackers offering to snoop on or hijack social media accounts on numerous platforms were the most prevalent sort of listing that was discovered. The most frequent reference was WhatsApp. Additionally, there are such options as Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Skype, Telegram, TikTok, and Snapchat.

Depending on the platform you choose to use, a different service is offered. Facebook and Twitter are frequently targets of identity theft and account hijacking, which grants the buyer full authority to the victim’s account. For WhatsApp, however, monitoring messages, capturing screenshots, and retrieving backups were more likely to be the intended outcomes.

Changing school grades

School grades hacking offer.

Average price: $526

Unbelievably, several of the hacking businesses we looked at offer this as one of their most frequent services. Furthermore, it is among the most costly.

Consumers can pay hackers to access their school’s computer network and alter their grades and attendance history. Both colleges and elementary schools can use the service.

As a replacement, several firms guarantee the theft of test answers.

Personal attacks

Hacker willing to do a personal attack.

Average price: $551

The attacker will strike the client’s target utilizing a variety of techniques, such as financial sabotage, producing difficulties in the judicial system, or defamation of character. One unsettling hacking strategy is to portray the victim as a child pornography user.

A few hacking services provide “fraud tracking” or “scammer retaliation” services. According to the advertisements, the hackers will either find the con artist and give their personal information to the victim or the hackers themselves might make the con artist’s life miserable.

Location tracking

Tracing an IP address of a user.

Average price: $195

Hackers offer to track a person’s whereabouts, often by keeping an eye on their mobile device’s IP address. Others could seek assistance in discovering the target by using open-source intelligence.

Computer and phone hacking

A hacker offering his service.

Average price: $343

This entails breaking into private or professional equipment in order to steal data, install malware, or carry out other nefarious deeds. One gang promises to hack target devices via the internet using remote administration tools. Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, iOS, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone are all available operating systems.

Email hacking

Email account hacking software.

Average price: $241

Email hacking often involves acquiring the email address holder’s password. The criminals might either provide the consumer the password or get into the email account to take data and information. They may also set up email forwarding so that the victim’s emails are sent to the client. 

Debt or credit

Bank account hackers.

Average price: $257

A few organizations claim to be able to improve customers’ credit ratings or remove their debts. They may charge a fixed fee or a portion of the savings of their consumers. One organization says it can erase consumers’ identities off loan defaulter blacklists.

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