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Main Dark Web Forum is Down Again – Will Dread Be Back?

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ByHarper Stewart

Sep 19, 2023
Main Dark Web Forum is Down Again - Will Dread Be Back?
Harper Stewart
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One of the discussions about dread on Reddit.

Dread forum has been up and down in 2023. It worked occasionally, but after massive DDoS attacks, it started to slowly shutting down. Users complain about not being able to access the forum most of the time, even using correct mirror links. It’s unclear whether the site is under a DDoS attack again, or the moderators are purposely turning it off.

Dread`s Forum Future After Numerous DDoS Attacks

An official message in r/DreadAlert.

Recently many dark web sites have experienced ongoing DDoS attacks. “Majestic Gardens gone, Hub gone, Dread up and down — the higher profile the market or forum, the more difficult it is to access — seems like DDoS has the upper hand, and unless Tor comes up with a solution it can only get worse”. – wrote Reddit user @gerundlive in one of the discussions.

A Reddit user doesn’t have much hope for Dread.

Current Situation

At the time of writing, the official dread link doesn’t work and it shows “Onionsite Not Found”. Users can only hope that the moderators will fix all the issues as there are almost no alternatives to the famous dark web forum.

The official dread link doesn’t work.

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