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Thousands of Passengers Ended Up Being Trapped in Israel’s Airport

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ByHarper Stewart

May 4, 2023
Thousands of Passengers Ended Up Being Trapped in Israel's Airport
Harper Stewart
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The cyber attacks still remain a serious threat to Israel. A deep look into the cybersecurity of the country.

As Jewish News Syndicate reports, On Sunday, there was a major technical glitch in the border control system at Ben Gurion airport in Israel, which resulted in thousands of passengers being unable to enter or exit the country. The computer system was unable to read the passports of the affected passengers, leading to a significant disruption in travel plans.

The incident took place during the mass return of Israelis from abroad following the Passover holiday, and officials suspect that the malfunction was caused by a cyber attack.

In another related incident on the same day, residents of Tel Aviv, who have installed the “Smart Home” computer system in their homes, reported significant disruptions in its operation.

The lights in their homes turned on and off continuously, and the blinds opened and closed repeatedly for an hour. Additionally, some residents reported that they saw unexpected scenes of rocket launches and terrorist attacks suddenly appearing on their television screens, with a threatening message in Hebrew that read: “You will not be safe on this -“.

These incidents have raised concerns about the vulnerability of Israel’s critical infrastructure to cyber attacks.

It Wasn’t the First Time

The country has been a frequent target of cyber attacks in recent years, including attacks on its power grid and water supply. The Israeli government has been actively working to improve its cyber defense capabilities to prevent future attacks, but these latest incidents underscore the need for continued vigilance and investment in cybersecurity measures.

It’s important to recall that earlier, on April 9, a series of cyber attacks took place in Israel on a number of critical water management systems. As a result, irrigation controllers for fields in the Jordan River Valley were damaged, as well as local management systems for the American water treatment equipment Galil Severage Corporation.

Shortly afterwards, the country’s postal service was affected by the attacks, which resulted in suspended parcel delivery services, customs payments, as well as some payment services for state and other organizations.

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