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Anonymous Sudan Launches Cyberattacks on Middle Eastern News Outlets, Expands Target List with Four Additional Names

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ByHarper Stewart

May 15, 2023
Anonymous Sudan Launches Cyberattacks on Middle Eastern News Outlets, Expands Target List with Four Additional Names
Harper Stewart
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Another instance of hacker collectives using cybercrime to further social objectives is Anonymous Sudan’s attack on Middle Eastern news outlets.

Anonymous Sudan is targeting the Middle Eastern news media under the guise of distributing false information.

Three websites, namely mazidnews.com, http://almashhad.com, and http://almamlakatv.com, were targeted by the hacktivist group Anonymous Sudan. The group also claimed responsibility for attacking the Higher Mind Center of Dr. Sam Youssef.

Anonymous Sudan’s attack on the Middle Eastern news media is another example of hacker collectives resorting to cybercrime to support social issues. However, the group has not provided specific information about the attack. A Twitter account called @FalconFeedsio shared tweets containing the group’s accusations.

Anonymous Sudan accused of targeting Middle Eastern news media

Mazidnews was accused by Anonymous Sudan of promoting incorrect data, inciting fear, and sensationalizing news stories, which led the hacktivist collective to dub the news outlet a ‘complete disgrace’ to the media.

In a Telegram message, Anonymous Sudan made another accusation against the targeted news outlets, stating that they were responsible for spreading “fitna” among Egyptian and Sudanese citizens. The term “fitna” refers to unrest in Islam, particularly when it involves a just leader or individual.

What is Anonymous Sudan group all about?

Anonymous Sudan, a hacktivist group, aims to raise awareness among the public by targeting the Middle Eastern news media, among other things. Their tactics include conducting DDoS attacks, and they are believed to be part of a larger network of cybercriminals operating globally.

The group has been linked to various campaigns and operations, such as #OPIsrael and #OPAustralia. They are known to launch attacks on specific dates that align with their motivations and causes.

Anonymous Sudan has openly voiced support for Russia in the Russo-Ukrainian war, which has caused concern among some observers.

The group claims to fight for social and political reasons and has targeted numerous organizations worldwide, including healthcare facilities, educational institutions, airports, and government entities, in addition to the Middle Eastern news media.

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