• Tue. Oct 17th, 2023

North Korean Cyber Attackers Stole Information About Over 800,000 Hospital Patients in Seoul

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Jul 10, 2023
North Korean Hackers Steal 800,000+ Patient Data

South Korean law enforcement officers alleged that criminals from North Korea were responsible for the mid-2021 break-in at South Korea’s largest hospital, the University Hospital of Seoul National University (SNUH), in which private medical records and private details of patients were taken.

What is Known About the Attack

It was clear that the law enforcement spent precisely two years trying to locate the culprits of the event. According to a press release issued by South Korean authorities, the breach was caused by North Korean hackers based on the following information: invasion methods discovered throughout the attacks; IP addresses straight connected to North Korean attackers; site authorization specifics; and the use of particular languages and North Korean vocabulary.

The attack was attributed to the Kimsuky hacking gang in South Korean media, however the criminal investigation did not mention the group in question. The attackers launched an assault on the hospital’s internal network using seven servers in South Korea and other nations.

Police Statement

In a news statement, authorities emphasized the importance of enhanced safety precautions and processes, such as deploying security patches, improving access control to internal systems, and encrypting private information, in order to avoid similar breaches at other large South Korean organizations.

“We plan to actively respond to organized cyber attacks supported by national governments by mobilizing all of our security capabilities to firmly protect South Korea’s cyber security, preventing additional damage through information sharing and cooperation with relevant authorities,” the local police stated. 

North Korean hacking groups are well-known for their regular cyberattacks on the peninsula’s border.