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Pro-Russia Hackers Leak Military Data

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ByEsme Greene

Oct 15, 2023
Esme Greene
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Key defense and military data has been disclosed on the Dark Web in a very significant attack on the UK Ministry of Defense by hackers thought to be connected to Russia.

A GCHQ listening site, the HMNB Clyde nuclear submarine facility, and the Porton Down chemical weapons lab are all extensively covered in the released documents.

The offenders, LockBit, have previously attacked the Royal Mail organization and Scotland Yard. One of the world’s most dangerous hacker groups, LockBit, has key individuals on the FBI’s most wanted list.

Mikhail Mahteev, who is accused of posting the stolen defense information online, is one of them. It is noteworthy that the organisation has multiple agents in Russia.

Dark Web Breach Exposes UK Security

A comprehensive attack on Zaun, a security company situated in the West Midlands charged with protecting high-security installations, was used to carry out the breach. There is no reason to suspect that any sensitive materials were compromised, notwithstanding the possibility that certain old emails, orders, and project files were viewed.

The data theft might offer information about how to break into Porton Down, a highly classified military research site. Plans for the Cawdor barracks’ surrounding fencing are among the documents that have been made public.

Also discovered were sales order reports for the HMNB Clyde and the Bude communications facility of GCHQ. The security of the country is crucially dependent on Bude.

In addition to the nuclear submarine base, the listening station, and the chemical weapons facility, information about the security apparatus at RAF Waddington and Cawdor Barracks was also made public. Over the last ten years, Reaper drone flights have been conducted out of Waddington, while the electronic warfare-focused 14th Signal Regiment is based in Cawdor.

Documents relating to the high-security prisons that LockBit guarded, such as Category A Long Lartin and Whitemoor, were also stolen as a result of the breach of Zaun by LockBit.

The attack, which may have been motivated by Russia’s displeasure with the UK’s backing for Ukraine, highlights how contemporary fighting has moved online, as noted by Deputy Prime Minister Oliver. In reaction to the UK’s partnership with Ukraine earlier this year, Dowden warned that pro-Russian cyber mercenaries were fighting back more fiercely than before.

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