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Breaking News: Unknown Hackers Breach US Department of Transportation’s Security

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ByEsme Greene

Jul 20, 2023
Breaking News: Hackers Breach US Department
Esme Greene
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The personal information of at least 237,000 current and past workers of the US Department of Transportation (DOT) was exposed after unidentified hackers broke into the organization’s computer network. According to a DOT statement, this was reported by the local media.

Although it has not yet been feasible to determine the source or motivation of the hack, the government claims that it did not disrupt transportation security systems. The DOT said in a letter to the US Congress that the attack had impacted several administrative systems, including the TRANServe system for processing transportation benefits.

The use of the stolen data for illicit activity has not yet been determined, the DOT added. 14,000 of the 237,000 impacted individuals work for the Department currently, and 123,000 were past workers.

The attack took place in the wake of US Vice President Joe Biden’s caution over potential cyberattacks by Russia in retaliation for Western sanctions over the Ukraine issue. Biden urged the private sector in the US to “immediately” bolster its cyber defenses and stated that the US government was employing “every tool” available to combat Russian hackers.

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