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The Public May Now Use the Akira Ransomware Decryptor

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ByEsme Greene

Jul 25, 2023
Public can now use Akira Ransomware Decryptor
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The ransomware syndicate Akira, which was only discovered in March of this year, has recently been among the most active, openly claiming responsibility for 28 assaults in May. The group derives its name from the same-titled cyberpunk manga by a Japanese author.

Why Do We Need Decryptor

A decryptor to tackle the Windows ransomware has been made available by Avast researchers who claim to have discovered a cure for the Akira malware. They were kind enough to give us a detailed instruction manual on how to utilize it.

With an infection strain created especially for the Linux OS, Akira additionally targets Linux-based systems, in contrast to many of its rivals. According to Avast, a program for file decryption on Linux platforms is now being developed.

“Our group is presently working on a Linux edition of our decryptors. ” In the meanwhile, data encrypted by the Linux variant of the ransomware can be unlocked using the decryptor’s Windows version, according to scientists. Akira and Conti, a now-defunct ransomware gang that ruled the market before LockBit seized control in 2022, are very similar, according to experts. 

The report says that while not an indication of an overlapping leadership, the similarities indicate that “the malware authors were at least inspired by the leaked Conti sources.”

For example, Akira ignores files and directories with the same extensions as Conti, Akira’s file tail is equal to the file tail appended by Conti, and both gangs use the same stream cipher ChaCha 2008.

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