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Your Mobile Device Might be Your Worst Enemy – French Law Permits Police to Legally spy on People

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ByEsme Greene

Jul 30, 2023
French law permits police spying on mobile devices
Esme Greene
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Activating the cameras, microphones, and GPS on suspects’ cellphones and other gadgets will allow local police in France to completely lawfully spy on them from a distance.

The Legislation

The essential parts of the Justice Bill received approval from the Senate only last month. The bill permits locating criminal suspects using any mobile device, including a vehicle, a smartphone, a tablet, a laptop, or another device. In particular against suspects in terrorism or members of organized gangs, covert picture and video recording as well as remote audio recording may be employed.

Naturally, local human rights organizations immediately denounced these anti-espionage rules. According to the French human rights organization Square the Net, “the provisions raise serious concerns about violations of citizens’ fundamental freedoms.”

The organization called the new measures a fast track to an arbitrary security system and alluded to “the right to security, the right to privacy and private correspondence,” and “the right to freedom of movement.”

The measures, according to Justice Minister Eric Dupont-Moretti, would barely apply to “a few dozen cases a year” in France, but lawmakers still approved the legislation. It is difficult to imagine, but Emmanuel Macron’s supporters in the French parliament were responsible for saving the day.

The aforementioned MPs changed the original proposal during yesterday’s discussion to restrict the use of remote spying to just situations where it “were justified by the nature and seriousness of the crime” and “on strictly certain duration.” They added that any application of this clause required the judge’s prior approval and that the overall length of the investigation may not exceed six months.

“Representatives of sensitive professions, including doctors, journalists, lawyers, judges, and members of parliament, will not be the targets of remote control espionage,” Macron’s team stated.

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