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Rheinmetall Group Falls Victim to Cyber Attack: Black Basta Strikes German Defense Company

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ByEsme Greene

Aug 4, 2023
Rheinmetall Group Targeted by Black Basta
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Rheinmetall, the renowned German manufacturer of military equipment, weapons, and vehicle components, has officially confirmed that the cyber attack on their systems in April was orchestrated by the Black Basta ransomware group.

In the aftermath of the attack, Rheinmetall has been diligently working on resolving the impact. A company spokesperson emphasized that the cyber incident solely affected Rheinmetall’s civilian business division, which operates on a meticulously segregated IT infrastructure.

Notably, Rheinmetall plays a critical role as a supplier of firearms for the Leopard tank. The company promptly reported the incident to the appropriate authorities and has filed a formal complaint with the Cologne prosecutor’s office.

Rheinmetall Group’s Industrial Unit Targeted: Impact of Black Basta Cyber Attack Revealed

Rheinmetall, a prominent industrial company, disclosed that in April, their business unit catering to industrial customers, particularly in the automotive sector, was targeted in a cyber attack. Fortunately, Rheinmetall’s defense division, responsible for manufacturing military equipment, weapons, and ammunition, remained unscathed and continued its operations without disruption.

It’s worth noting that Rheinmetall had previously experienced a cyber attack in 2019, resulting in the infection of Rheinmetall Automotive’s IT infrastructure with malware. The company chose not to divulge specific details about the incident, but they did reveal that the recovery process took approximately 2-4 weeks, with estimated losses amounting to €3 million to €4 million per week.

Black Basta, a criminal organization operating as a ransomware operator, emerged in early 2022 and rapidly gained notoriety as one of the most active Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) threat groups worldwide. Within the first few months of its operation, Black Basta successfully victimized over 100 entities, cementing its status as a significant RaaS threat.

Most recently, Black Basta targeted ABB, a leading Swiss robotics company. The attack had far-reaching consequences, impacting hundreds of the company’s devices. The disruption caused operational disturbances, project delays, and affected various factories associated with ABB’s operations.

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