• Mon. Aug 28th, 2023

CryptoRom Scam: Sweet Talk, Big Losses

Aug 28, 2023
CryptoRom Scam: Sweet Talk, Big Losses
Esme Greene

Artificial intelligence is used by the CryptoRom scam to communicate with potential victims. This fraud operation mixes romance scams and pig butchering. Sophos, an IS firm, researchers exposed the fraud.

Crypto Fraudsters’ New Tactics: Chatbot Impersonation and App Store Loopholes

The majority of the time, crypto fraudsters use dating and social networking applications to contact their victims before promising them cryptocurrency trading using phony apps. Making the dialogs more believable and lifelike by using ChatGPT or Google Bard chatbots is the innovation.

After the initial payment, fraudsters allegedly “siphon money” from victims by continually inventing new justifications, such as having to pay taxes and other fees to withdraw their money, when in reality the crooks are just stealing the money.

By remotely changing the text of programs after verification, the attackers were also able to get beyond the App Store and Google Play verification procedures. Researchers caution that iPhone users are more vulnerable to attacks from scammers.

Always be skeptical of any investment proposals in order to prevent these kinds of frauds, especially if they originate from complete strangers online. Never give up your financial information or personal details to strangers without doing extensive research first. A deal that appears too good to be true usually is. On the internet, use caution and vigilance.