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Child Victims of LockBit Hackers’ Atrocities Have Received an Apology

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ByHarper Stewart

Apr 27, 2023
Child Victims of LockBit Hackers' Atrocities Have Received an Apology
Harper Stewart
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LockBit hackers, an organization of criminals that recently hacked the Olympia Community Unit 16 school district’s networks, issued an apology for breaking into the district’s servers. The illicit activities organization even acknowledged that it was embarrassed of its deeds and promised to give victims who contact them using their ID on the darknet a free decryptor.

What is LockBit Ransomware?

LockBit ransomware is harmful malware meant to prevent users from accessing computer systems unless a ransom is paid. LockBit will consequently disseminate the infection over the network, look for lucrative targets, and encrypt any accessible computer systems. 

Over the last few years there were dozens of attacks related to Lockbit. Experts have reasons to believe that the Lockbit ransomware has links to Russia. It’s very important to prevent ransomware attacks by installing advanced antivirus software.

Another Apologies From LockBit

Remorse in LockBit 3.0 was unexpected but not brand-new. The biggest pediatric hospital in Canada, Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, received a free decoder from LockBit in January, along with an apology. 

The team claimed that one of its associates attacked a medical institution in violation of the guidelines. A number of internal hospital and corporate systems, several phone lines, and the hospital’s websites were all affected by the cyberattack on December 18; however, patient admissions were unaffected.

To stop hackers from releasing data on the dark web or alerting rival businesses, clients, or business partners of the victim of the assault, LockBit 3.0 employs a triple extortion strategy: data theft, file encryption, and a ransom demand. If this strategy is unsuccessful, the malicious tool becomes a data deleter (viper).

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