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China Has 50 Times More Cyber Criminals Than the FBI Workers

Apr 30, 2023
China Has 50 Times More Cyber Criminals Than the FBI Workers
Harper Stewart

Ray claims that even if all FBI cyberspace agents and intelligence analysts concentrate only on the Chinese cyber threat, there will still be 50 to 1 more Chinese hackers. Ray also stressed that China poses a greater cyberthreat than all other big nations put together because of its sheer size and that security measures have to be applied right now.

The Greatest Threat

The expert also claims that North Korea, Iran, and Russia pose cyber risks to the United States. In this context, it is vital to enhance policies that safeguard cyberspace and guard against assaults from these nations.

Ray also brought up China’s use of threats from hackers to steal intellectual property, particularly business and technological innovations. The economy as a whole and American businesses may be very harmed by this.

The FBI director emphasized that “the FBI is ready to work with partners from other countries to prevent cyber attacks” and that he feels it is absolutely essential to increase international collaboration in battling over cyber-attacks, which can lead to national worst damages.

Cybersecurity Measures to Prevent Cyber Threats

A measure introduced by former members of the US Congress would compel the Pentagon to considerably increase cybersecurity cooperation with Taiwan in order to shield the island from Chinese cyberthreats. 
The measure will provide the US Secretary of Defense the authority to coordinate cyber exercises with Taiwan, safeguard the island’s forces and infrastructure, and lessen harmful online activity directed at it.